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Pilot Study Flashcards

I do not instruct or author cards so you can pass a checkride. I instruct and author to a level of performance such that if you were to find yourself in the worst of scenarios - night, with an emergency, in the weather, with loved ones on board - you will be just fine. By virtue of instructing to the criteria above, passing a checkride, a stage check, or a written exam is simply a second order effect – a part of the journey. My flashcards capture 30 years of flying experience and many years’ worth of checkrides.

There are cheaper cards out there…but they have up to eight questions on a card which in turn keeps their print costs at a minimum. This defeats the purpose of flashcards. My cards have one card, one question, one answer. This focuses your attention on one concept and one concept only. This leads to more effective learning because you can organize your cards into subjects you know well, subjects you need to work on, and subjects needing review. Additionally, many of my cards have QR codes on them so you can perform a deeper dive into the subject matter.

Private Pilot Categories include: Aerodynamics, Weather, Aircraft Systems, Chart Symbology, General Knowledge, National Airspace System, Navigation, and various real-world Private Pilot related scenarios to resolve.

Instrument Pilot Categories include: Holding, Departure Procedures, TERPS Criteria/Procedures, Standard Instrument Departures, Obstacle Clearance Departures, NAVAIDs, IFR Low Enroute Chart Symbology, Approaches/Approach Plates, Back Course Localizers, Approach Plate Symbology, and various real-world Instrument Pilot related scenarios to work through.

Commercial Pilot Categories include: Aircraft Performance, Aircraft Systems, General Knowledge, Aerodynamics, Aviation Weather, Commercial Related Regulations, and various Commercial Pilot related scenarios that teach and challenge your commercial pilot knowledge.

Multi-Engine Pilot Categories include: Electrical Systems, Single Engine Aerodynamics, Critical Engine Concepts, Vmc Concepts,  Fuel Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Electrical Protection Circuits, Propeller Systems, Propeller Governors.

Piper PA28 Warrior/Cherokee Checklist

A detailed and comprehensive PA28 Checklist designed with the beginner pilot in mind. V Speeds are listed, Ops Limits annotated, Mag limits listed, built in headwind/crosswind chart, built in IM SAFE and PAVE checklists, place holder for your airfield diagram, emergency procedures/takeoff briefing included! This checklist is designed to lead you on the journey to being a detailed oriented and checklist disciplined pilot.