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About Triple Seven Aviation

W. R. Pritchett

Triple 7 Aviation was born out of a love for flying and flight instruction. My grandfather served in the Army Air Corps during WWII and was a corporate pilot the remainder of his life. I spent many years around my grandfather and knew at an early age I wanted to be a pilot just like him. During most of his career, the tail number of his aircraft was N777SS, "Triple Seven, Sugar Sugar." Fast forward several decades and I found myself following his lead through aviation. The name, "Triple 7 Aviation," and its logo, is a blend of his legacy and his impact on those whose lives he touched. I want to share my experience, knowledge, and love of aviation with those aspiring to be like my grandfather - a pilot.

I have been flying/instructing the better part of 30 years including time as a private, instrument, commercial, instructor, and multi-engine instructor. I also have time as an instructor pilot and flight examiner in three different USAF fighters. I've been rated #1 in most positions I've ever held. My standard is perfection...for myself and my students. I will, most often times, fall short, but with such demanding standards, my students and I achieve excellent.

This insatiable appetite for excellence is what I have poured into my cards. I believe in them and I believe they can help you excel!

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Some Triple Seven History

N777SS History
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